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Grosvenor Road

The Grosvenor Road project encompasses the complete design, supply, and installation of a custom kite staircase tailored for a first-floor flat in Westcliff. Additionally, frosted glass privacy screens are integrated to enhance the aesthetic and provide discreet zoning within the space. This comprehensive solution aims to seamlessly merge functionality with modern design, elevating the living experience for the occupants.

Skyline Plaza

At Skyline Plaza, we’re enhancing the scenery with the supply and installation of 48 sleek Juliet Balconies. Teaming up with Breyer Group, we’re adding a touch of sophistication to Southend’s skyline. These balconies aren’t just for show; they’re about elevating the atmosphere and providing residents with a spot to enjoy those breathtaking views.

Harlesden Canal

Revamping the Harlesden Canal in North London involves a complete overhaul, with our team taking charge of designing, supplying, and installing new stairs and walkways. It’s all about revitalising this urban oasis, providing locals with safe and accessible pathways to enjoy leisurely strolls along the water’s edge.

Queen Street, Ongar

In the heart of Queen Street, Ongar, we embarked on a comprehensive project encompassing the design, supply, and installation of wall railings and automated swing gates. From crafting sleek designs to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, our goal was to enhance security while adding a touch of sophistication to the area.

Octavia Schools

In collaboration with Octavia Schools, we embarked on a transformative project to convert an old church into a modern educational space. Our task? Designing, supplying, and installing two internal staircases and sleek glass screens in the dining area. This endeavour seamlessly blends historical charm with contemporary functionality, creating an inspiring environment for learning and growth.

Arbor Road

Nestled in Chelmsford City centre, the Arbor Road project marks the development of three new apartment blocks. Our role encompasses the comprehensive design, supply, and installation of four internal staircases and six Juliet balconies. By seamlessly integrating these elements into the architectural landscape, we’re not just constructing living spaces; we’re crafting vibrant, dynamic environments that elevate urban living to new heights.

Station Road

The Station Road project involved comprehensive redesign, removal of the current structure, and the procurement and installation of a contemporary fire escape spiral staircase. This endeavour prioritises safety and efficiency, aiming to enhance accessibility and security for occupants. The new staircase will adhere to rigorous safety standards while blending seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

 Anson Court

The Anson Court project in Shoeburyness encompasses the complete removal of existing balcony railings, followed by the sourcing and installation of high-quality galvanized and powder-coated replacements. This initiative not only aims to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property but also prioritises durability and longevity, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of residents for years to come.


Undertaking the Shoplands project in Southend On Sea involved crafting a bespoke modern feature staircase for newly developed offices. This initiative encompasses innovative design, sourcing premium materials including powder-coated elements and stainless steel balustrades, and meticulous installation. The result will be a visually striking staircase that not only enhances the office space but also reflects modern design sensibilities.

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